9 - Light Blonde

Nutrisse Nourishing
Color Foam

Introducing NEW  Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam. Garnier’s first foam to nourish while it colors!

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Out of stock, all the time I really like the Color foam. Problem is, our stores and drugstores rarely have the 9 Light Blonde in stock. I don't know if it sells out as its so popular or if they just are not stocking sufficiently. There are always plenty of brown shades, even red, but where's the light blonde ? March 5, 2014
Not what I expected I bought this product with the expectation that my hair would be a medium amber brown and it is nothing like that AT ALL. It doesn't even match the color on the box. I dyed my hair a couple of months ago using a different brand, but it was the same color and I loved it. However, this time I wanted to try the foam to see if it made it easier for me to color my hair by myself. The foam was great, easy to use and doesn't have that overbearingly strong odor and it didn't dry my hair out as most of the other brands do. However, the color is horrible. My roots are bright bright orange and fades into a darker orange. I tried shampooing my hair several times to strip out the color and it hasn't worked yet. I would prefer to use a product I know will work and that will give me the results I desire (I'm even willing to endure the horrible smell) versus this product. I just hope I can fix it soon because this color is just too embarrasing. April 9, 2014
two reviews in one I've had color treated red hair for several years now, and the fall before last I decided to go blonde because I was sick of keeping up with the greys. I did color-oops to remove as much red as possible, did a 3 hour coconut oil soak and then bleached, and as expected my hair became this weird, very light yellow-strawberry red creme brûlée color. In came the 7R I picked up- and it turned my hair this nice hint of strawberry blonde color. Perfect! A few dye jobs later I couldn't find 7R and tried something else, and my hair turned a nasty brown. I ended up going back to red to avoid bleaching again so soon as I am trying to grow my hair. Now, about a year and a half later, I lost patience with the greys and red maintenance. (my natural color would make the grey stand out even worse!) I also can't bring myself to pay for a whole set of highlights and upkeep. So- I got color oops and bleach again (and ash toner and 7- couldn't find 7R again this time). I bleached and then toned, but my roots are a lot lighter than my ends (which just wouldn't lighten as much, probably from being bleached before) this time around so I got nervous. I was scared of doing all this work just to have porous hair turn brown using the dye, so I did a strand of hair, root to tip- and it looks so much better. My only complaint is its not very clear what type of dye this is- demi, semi, what? February 13, 2014
I love it! I loved this product, easy to use, a little messy but great results! My hair looked so much healthier after I dyed it and I am definitely using this hair color again! February 13, 2014
Magically 10 years younger (mentally)! I tried the foam color to hide my gray which stands at attention around the center part and some left side parts as well (so I had to part hair on the right to avoid the grays being seen). I used to pluck the gray hairs but I was told the gray would come back in full force if I did that, so... I thought that perhaps its time I faced the fact that gray and age does actually exist in me. Such a sad day when I came to terms. Anyhow, I used this color foam this first time and it covered ALL my grays. About 6 weeks later, I went back to the store and this same color (dark brown) was all sold out. BUMMER!!!! I didn't want my husband to realize that I was coloring my hair so I needed to stay with this color by all means. He is VERY observant. I switched to a different brand (bad bad bad decision)...! I used some product for roots only and what a waste of my time and poor hair! All the pain and suffering it was going through and the gray didn't even turn color! Seriously? So I swore to the Garnier hair Gods that I would never ever use a different brand when you know this one works great, right? I call it "impatience"...an attribute I am not proud of. Well, the other day, I went back to the store and they were out of dark brown so I bought darkest brown. Hey, its pretty darn close and I feel 10 years younger again. It colors away the gray, shines, and makes me feel like I am ...well, 30, again. Thanks Garnier, for a fab product. I shall never sway away even if the store sells out. I will simply part to the right and hold tight for new inventory. -a 40-year old lady January 27, 2014
Pretty and Easy I love the foam hair color dye it's so easy to use!! I just wish there were more colors. January 13, 2014
Resultant texture and coverage are unsatisfactory I have tried the Color Foam several times when my local store tried to replace the creme formula Nutrisse with the foam. Pros 1. The resulting color is lovely 2. The included conditioner is top quality and, when mixed with a little water, there's enough for about eight applications in my very thick, hip-length hair. The conditioner leaves my hair soft, glossy and smooth. 3. The color, where it is thickly applied, lasts well with little fading. Cons 1. Application is awkward and messy. While I don't get the color splatter I experience with the creme formula near the bottom of the bottle, the foam condenses into a liquid and drips off the glove and, eventually, runs onto my neck and face. 2. Application is imprecise. While the foam applies well to the main portion of the hair, areas requiring greater precision, like the hairline, are difficult to cover without spilling over onto the skin. 3. The foam creates a velcro-like texture in my hair that makes it difficult to rinse out. I battle tangles throughout the long rinse process, which means more broken hairs even with careful and proper detangling with a wide-tooth comb. Some tangles persist after conditioning - I'll find tiny knots once my hair is dry. 4. Due to the thinness of the formula, the foam does not cover grays that stand away from the head. Conclusion Due to the increased tangling, knots and breakage as well as the difficulty covering grays that don't lie flat, I would recommend choosing the Nutrisse creme formula instead. January 11, 2014
Best dye ever used Easiest way to dye your hair without going to a salon! I have always used garnier hair dye but this foam made it so I can do it myself. I love the color results and it spreads so nicely that I only need 1 box while with other liquids, I needed 2. Highly recommend this product. December 30, 2013
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